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Meet Your Coach

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My 1-1 coaching is focused on providing the tools and framework  you need to access your full potential but you have to take responsibility and do the work- it won’t magically happen by itself.

I am here to help you devise your bespoke game plan and support you find your motivation, reclaim your time and achieve your goals

James Edwards

Having spent over 20 years In financial services, working in 3 continents, I have a proven track record of managing teams and delivering results for large international companies.

The responsibility for the effective management of relationships and people across all stages of their careers, helping them secure promotions or new roles, and even pivot in to new industries exposed me to mentoring and coaching for performance long before specialising in Mindset and Career coaching.

My desire to become a Mindset and Career Transformation Coach was ignited by a combination of three things:

First, a passion to see people discover and unblock those negative beliefs that are sabotaging their success and fulfillment.

Second a desire to share the knowledge and lessons I have learnt from my career and journey. And finally, a strong urge to use my passion to be of service to others.

I am a huge believer in human potential and feel that it is the single biggest obstacle to people living the lives they desire is their Mind.

If you want to accomplish your personal or professional objectives, then you begin with changing your mindset and you will change your life.

In order to truly achieve your goals, we have to commit , we have to challenge our minds and the way we think, become comfortable being uncomfortable in pursuing these goals and be accountable.


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