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Are You Ready To Take Your Career To The Next Level?

Master the clear and confident career mindset you need to upgrade your relationship with your job and create the success you want.

Experience new possibilities and results. Gain greater clarity, confidence and fulfillment from your career. with the E.L.E.V.A.T.E success coaching program.

If Any Of These Situations Relate To You, I CAN HELP YOU:

You feel unhappy and stuck in your current role?

You dread being in the same role a year from now?

You have achieved some success, but can't seem to take the next step?

You have ambitous career goals but no direction?

You want to improve your work life balance

You want to fall back in love with your career 

You lack trust in your leadership style and keep second-guessing yourself?

You have a great product / idea and want to explore setting up your own business?

Would you like to be coached by someone who has REAL experience and built a successful career or by a coach who is telling you how they imagine it to be?

Career Coaching Can Help You In Many Scenarios Including:

Overcoming overwhelm at work

Managing the "Sunday night" blues

Securing a new role

Changing career

Bouncing back from redundancy

Becoming an effective leader


You Will Master The 7 Pillars Of The E.L.E.V.A.T.E Success Program

E: EXAMINE and EXPLORE your existing state and journey to date.

L: LEARN about yourself, your beliefs and values and what drives you.

E: ESTABLISH the lessons you have learnt, Identify your strengths and how to maximize these.

V: Create a VISION for your future

A: Define the ACTION plan and ACTIVATE the steps to execute this

T: TAKE responsibility every day to implement the plan.

E: EVALUATE progress adapting where necessary to stay focussed and on track

The Signature Package Includes:

7 sessions at 45 minute coaching sessions via Zoom

Review of your key career tools (example:CV, Linkedin Profile)

Personalised resources designed to encourage self-reflection and personal development

Coaching exercises to complete in between our sessions in your own time

Regular updates and check ins

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A Year From Now You Will Wish You Had Started


Results You Can Expect:

Clarity on your career plan and path

Realistic career options roadmap

Mindset techniques and support

Actionable game plan and strategy

Interview coaching and support

Creative and Practical approach to job searching

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